Sharon Root

Partner | General Operations Manager

Sharon became a Partner at Double Eagle Financial in 1986. As the general operations manager, she oversees all client communication and service needs. 

Prior to joining the firm, she was a co-owner of a casualty insurance firm. And prior to that, she was a critical care R.N. Those skills may seem unrelated, but they fit well with her desire to nurture and take care of clients’ well-being. She is accomplished in client relationships and effective at finding solutions to client needs and concerns. 

Sharon approaches client needs holistically and strives to provide excellent service on an ongoing basis. So it’s no surprise that many of our clients have been with us for over 25 years and are like family.

Sharon enjoys golf, gardening, cooking, travel and holiday decorating. Over the Christmas season, she has 300 nutcrackers on display that she has acquired throughout travels to Europe, Canada, Alaska, and other places.

Sharon has two daughters, Monique and Nichole. Monique and her partner, Bryan, live and work in California while Nichole and her husband live and work in Washington.

Health is incredibly important to both Sharon and Chuck, and they hike regularly as well as work with a personal trainer three times a week.