Estate Planning

Building a legacy, much like other aspects of financial planning, takes time and careful planning. But if done correctly, the rewards can last for generations to come.

Estate Planning

Developing your estate plan sooner rather than later helps ensure that your legacy and wishes for your estate are carried out as intended. Without a strong plan in place, the fate of your estate could be left to institutions, other individuals, or the tax man. All of which don’t have your best wishes in mind.

Double Eagle can help review your present documents and comment on potential changes so your plan aligns with the wishes for your estate, as well as current law, in collaboration with your legal and tax advisors.

Survivor Support

Losing a loved one is difficult. When you die, the last thing your family needs is confusion around your immediate need for consistent income.

When appropriate, we’ll meet with your family so they know who can help when the inevitable happens. Caring for and supporting those we work with is part of our holistic approach.

We start the process for your estate even before you die. If you were disabled or in hospital, you would need and interim manager to take care of your assets. Proper documentation provides the right person with the ability to step in and handle this.


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