Investment Management

Our management style is a bit different; we focus on low risk first, and total return second.


It’s simple. If your account doesn’t lose money in a down market, there is less concern about making aggressive moves on the upside.

Since 2001, we’ve taken a dynamic approach to asset management. This process has been around for almost 100 years. We find that few advisors use it as it is a bit more time intense.  Experience and history  shows that this process has been effective and provides good results. 

The market tells us when to invest, and when to be conservative to prevent losses. Each time the market corrects, we find ways to tweak our process and build a better system. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, but the results tell us it’s viable.
Each year we send thousands of dollars to clients in their retirement. So it’s important we keep up with or ahead of the overall market.

Annually, we spend hundreds of hours researching and planning for what needs to be done with each account we manage. Through meetings with you, we’ll discuss our strategy we’ve researched for you-remove, and plan how to apply it to your future.

We take care of the tactical investing on a fee basis, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your retirement assets are being well taken care of.