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Double Eagle Financial Services

Double Eagle Financial Services

Retirement Planning

One must look ahead and plan for future dreams to ensure a successful retirement. Without planning, it’s a hit or miss proposition with a low probability for successful results.

We look at today’s cash flow and future cash flow needs for required invested assets. This ensures your income needed in retirement is secure. Above all, we have a proven strategy that is based on your needs and will work for decades to come. Our plan also includes not spending your principal in retirement, only the earnings and growth.

Our annual updates and review ensure that your plan will stay on track from year to year. Our planning is dynamic and ongoing.

Do you really want to fully retire?

This is a question that is rarely considered. Maybe, its just a change in career to something more satisfying but with less income. Or a volunteer position for a cause you love. Dream big plan long term, that pays off.

Retirement is also about lifestyle changes. Do you know what kind of a life you want? It takes some thought long before retirement to determine these important issues. Golf and travel get old after about 18 months or so. What will stimulate you mentally and physically to enrich your life and lengthen lifetime?