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shutterstock_188795987Success comes wrapped in brown paper, usually not easily recognizable. In its early stages you would never recognize the end result. You may see a problem or a crazy situation.

It is the evolution of many small critical actions sewn up in a dream that will not die. It is mistakes made over and over until you are finely honed to an edge that cuts the Gordian knot that was an obstacle. Will everyone achieve Facebook or Tesla fame or success. Probably not! Between that peak and where you are, there is a path to greatness that is uniquely your own with a bright future for you.

Key #1 – You

You are unique – no one – is even close to what you can achieve in every respect. A life is like forged steel, to make a sword, one heats the steel and pounds it and folds it over and over until there is strength and flexibility in the steel. To get that strength and flexibility, the heated steel is plunged into cold water many times. A life is similar to the obstacles that seem in your path., you need to prevail to achieve. One doesn’t make a sword the same way you would make a kitchen knife. If you are to be a warrior, there must be testing.

Key #2 Burning Desire

A burning desire sits like a hot rock in your gut and will not go away or be silenced. It keeps coming back in your quietest moments early in the night to renew and energize you to do your finest. If you listen and accept and nurture it, success never dies. It may fade for a bit, only to awaken when you are ready for the path again in the future. Sometimes while you may not immediately recognize its call or see the fire, no matter how dim its spark, there is a small voice in your mind calling you forward.

Key #3 Take Immediate Action

No dream is realized without action. Your dream can never be realized by just dreaming, you must take action even if it doesn’t seem in the right direction. Action, even through mistakes, brings new insights that guide your path in new ways. Also, there may be countless hours of practice to perfect your goals.

Key #4 Your Desired Outcome

Desired Outcome is your dream’s description of what you want to happen. It is the roadmap to the result. Without a map, any road will get you somewhere, but not likely where you want to go. It also creates momentum to overcome the inertia that is there in the beginning and will drive your plan to success. It provides focus until you can feel the laser heat of your goals that will cut steel and your obstacles.

Key #5 Design & Strategy

Design & Strategy are the wheels and body that holds the dream. Strategy is broken down into small doable steps that add to momentum. You can see it from 50,000 feet above but must provide the wheels at the ground level. Both are needed through thought and experiment to get the job done.

Key #6 Stubborn Tenacity

Try every door, you never know which one will lead the way and provide an answer to your favorable future. Many are blind alleys, but even blind spots give way to a direction. There are times when it seems like you are headed in the opposite direction from where you wish to go, only to see later it was just a small detour to the path you needed to find. Never give up.

Key #7 Invest in your Life

Your life does not just happen, you create your life. Some people search forever to find the correct life, it never just happens. You must decide the cost of your Desired Outcome, then figure out how to pay the price. Many times the price is in time vs. money. Time is one of the few inelastic substances we have, you can neither gain or loose time. If we let time pass idly, it is gone forever without having provided a proper return. One of the ways to be efficient with time is to know when to say “no.” There will always be way more things to fill time, we must decide what furthers our goals and when to say no to others.

To sum up; success is based on your definition of the life you want to live. Driven by desire and action over and around obstacles and personal challenges until the result is yours. Time has no bearing on success, it is the journey not the destination. Its based on how many people you can help with their dreams as well, the more you help others the faster you achieve your goals.