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Live Well - Leave a Legacy - Walk Softly on the Earth

Welcome to Double Eagle Financial

Double Eagle is a financial planning only Registered Investment Advisor focused on total financial advice. With Double Eagle as the Key Advisor, our team approach provides a lifetime strategy based on knowing client objectives and all financial details.

Your personal strategy includes:

  • Tax planning

    We want you to pay the least amount of tax legally, we work with your CPA to be confident that happens.
  • Estate plan for Your Legacy

    We review all your present estate planning documents and comment on where possible changes may be made to update your plan with current law and changes in your situation.
  • Retirement scenarios

    One of the critical issues is retirement, we look at many possible scenarios to give us an action plan for the future.
  • Family and business succession planning

    A family business needs a succession plan to ensure the continuity for second and third generations. Surprisingly, few people take the time to do this critical step.
Double Eagle Financial and LPL Financial do not provide legal advice or services.