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Double Eagle Financial Services

Double Eagle Financial Services

Complimentary No Obligation Financial Diagnosis

We want our process to work smoothly for each prospective client and provide a way for each person to make an assessment of their personal needs. This gives you direction and ease of decision once a clear understanding of your direction is seen.To that end, we provide a complimentary Financial Diagnosis for you to assess whether it makes sense to engage us. This process requires you to complete a four page questionnaire about your personal goals, concerns and financial information that serves as the foundation of our initial report for you. We will also need your most recent tax return.

We prepare a 10 page report that includes a brief summary of our competence, a restatement of your goals, an asset statement, cash flow statement and a look at what you can expect for your future retirement. We will also seek to point out the critical issues for you to address about your future. Our agreement is included, should you decide to start your engagement with Double Eagle. Our objective is to give you as much information as possible for you to make a lifetime decision to go forward. As mentioned, this first report, the Financial Diagnosis, is on a complimentary basis, no cost whether you do business with us or not. It allows you to freely decide if working with us is the best thing for you.

Our Process – Comprehensive Planning

Once our agreement of executed, we send you a list of documents needed, as well as a detailed questionnaire. The questionnaire will provide check lists and help you focus your long term concerns as well as goals for the future.

Once we receive all documents, personal and business information, we design a comprehensive plan as a rough draft for you. We may engage your advisors when reviewing your information.

Your personal strategy includes:

  • Tax planning

    We want you to pay the least amount of tax legally, we work with your CPA to ensure that we work towards that happening.
  • Estate plan for Your Legacy

    We review all your present estate planning documents and comment on where possible changes may be made to update your plan with current law and changes in your situation.
  • Retirement scenarios

    One of the critical issues is retirement, we look at many scenarios to give us an action plan for the future.
  • Family and business succession planning

    A family business needs a succession plan to ensure the continuity for second and third generations. Surprisingly, few people take the time to do this critical step.
  • Asset statement

    We put together a complete asset statement from your information.
  • Statement of client objectives and concerns

    We collect a significant amount of personal information so that our planning is complete. Here we restate pertinent info so that we both know what important info was used in our planning.
  • Client cash flow and Budget situation

    Your personal cash flow is critical to your plan, so we restate it here to make sure we both have correct information
  • Insurance planning

    We all want to have the important coverage for the lowest premium dollar, that said we want proper coverage as well. Our process looks at all insurance to make sure everything is up to date and proper.
  • Plan recommendations and action plan

    This is the part that brings it all together with and action plan. We also provide review dates and benchmarks to work towards evaluate how well we’re working towards your goals.
  • Ongoing updates advice and coaching

    It is important to stay focused on your future, so we meet as needed to keep your plan on track.

A summary and action plan for completion as well as time line for professional meetings necessary.

Upon plan completion, we meet with you to review the rough draft and have you take information home and review . We meet again within a week or two and make changes as necessary, then revise and provide a final plan for the implementation with other advisors.

We also schedule meetings with your advisors to complete the planning work.  The plan is not complete until the paperwork is complete.  Many times we find that documents are done but have no signatures, being worthless.

Once the final implementation is complete we set a timeline for ongoing review and coaching to ensure benchmarks are met.  We also work with you to evaluate how well we’re working towards your goals.

Dynamic Investment Management – Your Money

Our management style is different than other advisors, we focus on low risk first with total return being secondary. Why? With less risk, there is a lower need to be aggressive looking for return. Although we always attempt at return where reasonable.

That’s not to say we have a guarantee, its our objective, but we can never offer any guarantees. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

Each time the market corrects we strive to find ways to tweak our process and improve on the system.

There are issues to consider when investing, it might not be a do it yourself process. As an example, you would never try to fly an airplane without lessons, if you did, it would probably result in a huge accident. We put in thousands of hours each year on research and planning on what needs to be done with each account.

We meet with you each quarter to discuss your strategy and how we will apply it to your future. We take care of the tactical investing on a fee basis so that you have the comfort of knowing that we are.

We are always available to answer your questions and address our concerns.