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Double Eagle Financial

“Our philosophy is to take care of clients with utmost care and expertise.”

Our vision for clients is for them to achieve Wealth Mastery and Create a Life of Significance. Why spend time on the planet without leaving something of value behind. We will be your coaches in this endeavor. We see our role as your hands on partner, building your wealth for the future, step by step to success and satisfaction. Just surviving this life is not a goal, we will assist you to realize and create a dream worth living for.

As a Key Advisor, Double Eagle provides, comprehensive and succession planning for business owners as well as family office services where needed. Double Eagle maintains an extensive professional referral network to provide clients with the appropriate advisor for different situations.

Double Eagle Financial Company


Live well, leave a legacy. With our assistance, clients plan and create a “Good Life,” based on each person’s personal definition. We assist with using our abilities to achieve their plans with ongoing counsel and by providing needed resources. The goal of creating a family like atmosphere for all, allows family legacies to thrive.

Double Eagle Financial Company


As advisors, we bridge the gap between dreams and reality with personal service, coaching and our valuable resources.

Double Eagle Financial Company


As a personal advisor, we assist our clients through a process that enables them to use their present information and create potent future dreams.

Double Eagle Financial Company

Client Focused- Leaving a Family Legacy

Our clients are business owners, executives and retired people who know that their plan and assets are on track for the future. Through continuous review, coaching and a comprehensive structure, the plan is achievable.

Double Eagle Financial Company

Comprehensive Plan vs. Cut & Paste

Our vision is to have a client’s plan be all encompassing. When one part affects the other, we adjust to make sure all parts are in harmony. We manage all parts of the plan including, documentation for attorneys and accountants. This enables the other professionals to do their work at the best fee basis for the client. And it requires the client to marshal all the information in one place only once. As manager for the data, we are the resource for the other professionals in event of changes and questions.

Double Eagle Financial Company

Next Generation Assistance

We work with our clients next generation children as well as others to educate and provide risk management skills and higher education assistance. As a part of family, one needs to understand everyone’s thinking to move ahead with planning and the future.


Contingent Plan

One of the advantages of working forever is the fun we have and the time we get to spend with clients. We are asked however, “what happens if Chuck is hit by a truck?” We have that eventuality covered with an agreement with an allied professional who would step in and help Sharon manage our clients. That way an orderly transition would happen and no one would feel anxious about the future.